Do you have a “scaredy dog”?

Does your dog

– crawl under the furniture when thunder starts rolling?

– run howling from the vacuum cleaner?

– tear through fences at the first sound of fireworks?

– get triggered to terror by other sounds and noises?

Mavlab is proud to present an amazing new medicine to treat acute fear and anxiety associated with noise triggers. It’s easy to use, you only use it when it’s needed and the package can last for up to 4 weeks.

It’s not like anything seen in Australia before.

All you need to do is to talk to your veterinarian about your best friend’s noise fear.

Perhaps You Can Help Turn Scaredy Dog into SMILEYDOG?



Don’t know if your pooch is anxious to noise? Ask yourself if your pet shows any of these symptoms when the noisy trigger is around:

– does he show “whale eyes” – wide eyes with moon-shaped white parts visible?

– is she “hypervigilant” – looking around in many directions? Is she restless or pacing?


– does he have flattened ears or “furrowed” brows, like little worry-wrinkles?

– does she seek you out and not let you out of her sight, perhaps sitting between you and a bench or sitting on your foot?




-does he hide under furniture, or shrink down with tail between his legs if there is no place to hide?




– is she panting, drooling or and licking her lips frequently?





– does he pace, wee or poo in the wrong places (like in the house, or on your foot), or tear furniture etc to pieces?

– does she tremble, yawn repeatedly or refuse to eat treats when the noise is around?


Some dogs get so terrified they will chew through fences, run across roads and lose themselves in the bush. Some are killed as they panic and pay the consequences.

Up to 70% of dogs develop noise “phobia” at some stage of their lives. It rarely goes away by itself. Punishment doesn’t help and you don’t want to reward the behaviour by giving treats.

Thunder noise is  normal in the Australian landscape and is a really common trigger for pet panic; but your pet can sensitise to any number of noise triggers including kitchen appliances, noisy garden tools or even the garbage truck.

Ask your veterinarian about a short acting treatment to stop the anxiety and let behavioural training work. Turn your scaredy dog into SMILEYDOG!

All you need to do is to talk to your veterinarian about the things that make your dog scared. Tell them when and what happens and they will develop a comprehensive plan to help your pet deal with Noise anxiety and Noise “phobias”.

Learn more about Fear of Noises in Dogs with this Video for Vets and Owners :  Fear of noises in dogs – What is it?