Our Company

Formed in 1970 Mavlab manufactures over 250 products sold in more than 15 Countries.

Nearly all products are developed and manufactured in Australia.

Fido's Pet Care

Our range of products includes the popular Fido’s Pet Care range for the animal health and grooming markets.

We are at the forefront of developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality animal grooming and health products for pets and pet lovers around the world.


Mavlab manufactures veterinary pharmaceuticals. Our expertise includes the development, manufacture and sales of high quality products for veterinarian use.

Our products are available in Tablets, Liquids, Powders, Injections, and Supplements.

Equis Horse Products

Equis product range includes specialised horse shampoos and fly repellent products.


Includes the popular Fido’s Pet Care range


OTC medicinal products


Veterinary prescription only medicines
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Mavlab was formed in 1970 and continues to develop a wide range of leading products for the animal health care market.

Over 50 years, Mavlab has built an innovative development, technical, production and commercial team, growing the business in Australia and an increasing number of export markets.

Supporting the Industry we are part of has been a long standing part of what Mavlab is; whether as a proud sponsor of a number of companion animal charities in Australia and New Zealand, providing specialised or adapted products for use in exotic species to Zoo Vets, or humanitarian aid to companion animals in developing Countries, Mavlab has always had Giving Back as an important part of our DNA.

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