DenteVet® Powder

Anti-plaque powder for Dogs and Cats.

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Anti-Plaque Powder for Dogs and Cats.

Contains naturally sourced Ascophyllum nodosum flavoured with a natural palatable yeast.

Helps reduce bad breath, plaque, and tartar.

  • Easy to use for pets where brushing is difficult
  • Great for those pets that gulp their food
  • It doesn’t have to coat their teeth and gums to be effective
  • Can be used in food, on lick mats, or in treat foods
  • Contains no preservatives or artificial flavours
  • Contains only pure and natural, sustainably sourced ingredients

Indications: A natural supplement to help reduce bad breath, plaque and tartar in dogs and cats. Ascophyllum nodosum works through being swallowed and absorbed into the blood stream via digestion. The metabolites of Ascophyllum are thought to causes changes to the saliva which may soften existing plaque and inhibit the development of new plaque.

PRECAUTIONS: Do not give to pregnant or lactating pets as product has not been tested in these groups. Do not give to pets with diagnosed thyroid diseases.

Pack size: 80g